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Elvis Perkins, Okkervil River Keep Fans Warm on a Cool Night

On an uncharacteristically dreary Athens evening last night, no soundtrack was more befitting than the contemporary blues-folk of Elvis Perkins and Okkervil River. Fans crowded into the intimate Caledonia Lounge, pouring out of the venue’s front and back doors as Perkins (son of Anthony Perkins, aka Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho) supplied the warmth with his earnest, stripped down catalog. Playing the majority of his set alongside instrumentalists from Okkervil River, Perkins channeled legends like Bob Dylan and Neil Young with his energetic harmonica, lyrical cadence, and sway-inducing beats. Headliners Okkervil River showcased their great versatility, balancing simplistic, bittersweet songwriting with grand musical arrangements. Throughout a late night set tinged with pop-rock, rambling blues, and rockabilly folk, the passion of lead singer Will Sheff and energy of the band’s multi-instrumentalists were vividly evident. STORY BY SAMANTHA PROMISLOFF. PHOTOS BY COLIN SMITH

We asked: Given that Elvis Perkins’ father is classic actor Anthony Perkins, we want to know, if you could have a famous father, who would it be? COMMENT