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Dresden Dolls’ Cheeky Tour Film

Dresden Dolls and Panic! at the Disco spent the summer touring together, and now a video featuring the two bands depicts what they did in their downtime: Try to kill each other — with instruments! The cheeky, silent-film-style clip follows the faux-warring bands as they plot against each other — Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione attempt to off Panic!’s Brendon Urie with a cymbal, drummer Spencer Smith with a cabasa, and guitarist Ryan Ross with a falling piano. Miraculously, the Panic! boys survive and do some scheming of their own. Who’s victorious? Tune in to find out.

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There doesn’t appear to be real beef between the two bands, especially judging by fans’ responses on YouTube suggesting the video is all in good fun. Here’s what the people are saying:

“That was the most brilliant thing I have ever seen!” — ZehrBear

“Ooooh. I was really looking forward to see that video. I think it’s really awesome that Amanda and Brian survived. And plus, they seem to have fun!” — MissArbuckle

“Wow, that was pretty freaking funny. You guys must have A LOT of time on your hands.” — Babychicke

“HAHA. I thought I was going to die. This is so GREAT!!! They sure do know how to have some fun while being busy.” — ryanislove

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