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CSS Get Bloody in ‘Alala’ Video

Since being sexy can be so tiring, Brazilian electro-pop sextet Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) decided to get bloody in their video for “Alala” instead. In the clip, an ’80s prom party turns into a melee. Director Cat Solen used time-lapse footage in reverse, causing the band members and fellow brawlers to go from beaten to beautiful. “Alala backwards is still Alala; it’s a palindrome,” Solen explained to “So the backwards stuff is also meant to be a funny reference to the title.”

Now Watch This:

Here’s what the people are saying:

“Fuc**ng-crazy-tarantino-lynch-solen style!” — idiotequexxx,

“This made me hungry for pizza…or one of those broads’ faces.” — J’ason D’luv,

“Not a thinking man’s video, but damn fine just the same.” — Shane,

“Is it me — are there missing pieces that could better such videos, or are they accomplishing exactly what they set out to?” — Los,

“Thanks. Seeing her mouth some of those words helps convince my brain that they are actual words.” — dk,

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