The Coup, far from their stupid, dumb, and hyped Bay Area hip-hop brethren, are more known for their anti-capitalistic lyrics and an album cover that eerily predicted the World Trade Center disaster. While these traits are highly essential to the essence of the Coup as a whole, they should more so be known for their funked-up live shows with attitude infused MC Boots Riley, his “AAAAAND YOU DON’T STOPPPP” three piece backing band, and one essentially krump-capable back up singer, who threw down harder than both of Damien Marley’s back up singers combined.

Even with the daunting first time slot of the day on one the festival’s smallish Cabaret Clubs Tent, the Coup earned plenty of attention and admiration from a decently sized crowd of curious new ears intermingled with a small set of true backpack hip-hop heads. Blazing almost non-stop through many tracks off their latest album, their formula of moneymaker-shaking conscience rap gave a serious finger to the man while also slapping his ass. AUSTIN PLUMB / PHOTOS BY MICHAEL CLAWSON


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