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Cold War Kids Drop Documentary

“We put this film together to introduce ourselves to you, perhaps for the first time, and give you a glimpse of what we’ve been doing for the last two years,” singer Nathan Willet reveals in a video promoting his band’s forthcoming debut full-length, robbers & cowards (out Oct. 10). On the eve of that album’s release, Cold War Kids are circulating Oh, This Life, a new documentary-style flick soundtracked by snippets of the new album’s “We Used to Vacation,” “Hang Me Out to Dry,” and “Hospitalbeds,” songs that were also featured on the band’s EP, Up in Rags.

The vignettes for the film were compiled by a friend of the band, Tim Cahill, who organized the documentary by alternating between live footage and flashes of photographs — some of the band, some of who-knows-what, like a bed frame falling from a building’s second story. Luckily, Willet narrates some of the scenes via the clip’s accompanying crib notes: “There’s the junior high Battle of the Bands, [guitarist] Jonnie [Russell’s] birthday in New York when we were too poor to buy him a drink, BART rides, Lollapalooza, playing in the restaurant of our Oslo hotel for European T.V., our beloved Detroit Bar, Gypsy Fourth of July at Sam’s, boat rides at Rose’s, recording robbers & cowards, and lots more footage from our five trips round the country and short jaunts to Europe.”

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