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The National Trust is encouraging people to record on its website the events of their daily lives from Oct. 17. The Trust seeks to create a “fascinating social history archive” via its blog, according to BBC News, and is hoping Britons will upload their diary entries and blog posts from yesterday to a massive blog it created entitled “History Matters.” The Oct. 17 date was chosen arbitrarily, National Trust director Giona Reynolds told BBC News. “We want this day to have its own place in history and be a snapshot of everyday life at the beginning of the 21st Century.” More than 8,000 people contributed to the project yesterday alone, and thousands more are expected to lend their entries to the site, as they have until Oct. 31 to do so.

Here’s some of the events Britons are blogging about on History Matters:

“I’ve heard about blogging but never felt the urge to bore the rest of the world with the details of my mundane lives, but this is for history – so here goes…” — Carolyn Exwood, Kent

“I spent the day looking after a Polish dog belonging to neighbours…The dog only speaks Polish so, not being able to communicate with him, I had to keep him in most of the day and passed the time, while he howled, reading and researching around early 19th century diaries and letters.” — Kathy Fraser, Scotland

“My name is Amy Winterford and i am 13 years old but i shall be 14 soon! I have a very confusing family so i don’t really want to tell you that…I won’t go on much more about my life as it isn’t that interesting. I have loads of friends who are the best in the world, and they are: Katherine, Myffy, Jess, Izzy, Becky, Katy, and there are others, but I can’t actually think of anymore.” — Amy Winterford, West Sussex

“Unfortunately on this day in history I have a chest infection and a kidney infection and I am feeling rather sorry for myself.” — Rachel von Simson, London

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