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Bright Light Fever

What’s the Deal: For a struggling young band, Bright Light Fever reacted strangely to the idea of getting a record deal: They were pissed off. “Fuck that…we’re still breaking up,” singer/guitarist/keyboardist Evan Ferro exclaimed, according to the band’s lore. Still, after the quartet broke ties, they were offered a deal with Stolen Transmission. So Ferro, along with brother Matt on guitar and vocals, Dan Sauve on bass, and Robert Torres on drums, reunited to create their searing debut, Bright Light Fever Presents…The Evening Owl.

What’s the Deal: Evan Ferro’s pipes of steel earn comparison to Hot Hot Heat’s Steve Bays, and his band’s melodically grating guitar riffs aren’t always far off from their Canadian counterparts, either. But the genius of Bright Light Fever is their chameleon-like tendency to change up the pace and sound with each track. The gritty rock of “Broken Hands” segues into the swaggering, almost bluesy pulse of “Let’s Stay In.” And with “Good Day, Good Day” and ballad “Crowded Street in May,” the band show they’re equally capable in dabbling with soft melodic stylings.

Fun Fact: Bright Light Fever aren’t shy about telling potential listeners how their music will take hold of their very being. “Our new record has the power and ability to save your life and kill you at the same time,” Matt Ferro told, adding, “sort of like nitroglycerine?” TIFFANY WAN

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