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Brand New Video from MxPx

Washington’s MxPx have been around for well over a decade, and these Warped Tour vets are still all about channeling their inner turmoil only to unleash it and have some fun. Vocalist/bassist Mike Herrera opens “Breathe Deep” with the vision of him “drowning here at the end of the ocean,” but the macabre line gives way to a more peaceful thought: “We all breathe deep / Falling through the darkness that we keep / Where shadows fall and we all fall asleep.” The video for the track takes a similar arc, as it follows the skate-punk staples angst-filled and isolated on a roof before performing for an intimate, rambunctious crowd, who form an impromptu dance circle and boast moves involving air guitaring, high kicks, the robot, the moonwalk, and the Egyptian.

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