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Biggest Midget in the Venue

Pint-sized MC Lady Sovereign and electro-dance band Young Love won over fans at New York’s Bowery Ballroom last night with a pair of hyper-enthusiastic sets. Opening with their high energy hit “Find A New Way,” Young Love’s frontman Dan Keyes broke out a few of his own moves to get the crowd shaking and screaming, and he kept the excitement mounting through songs like “Discotheque.” Later Keyes told his moves come from “always going out to clubs. New York City’s nightlife had a huge influence on my writing.” Under flashing lights, headliner Lady Sovereign took the stage and struck a pose for fans so they could see her shirt that read “Biggest Midget in the Game,” before breaking into “Public Warning.” But the crowd wasn’t quite into it yet, so Sov poured beer on herself and shouted: “Fucking represent, New York! Cheer me up, people!” As she moved into “9 to 5,” the crowd perked up. Later in the set, Sov tried another questionable extreme, inviting a midget to come stand with her on stage, referred to him as “Baldy,” and skipped across the stage with him as they sang “Who the fuck are you?” After the show, caught up with Sov, who said that even with the show’s ups and downs, she thought the set was “fantastic,” adding that her reactions are just part of who she is: “If I’m happy, I’m happy. If I’m not, I’m not.” STORY BY KATIE HEATH. PHOTOS BY ANDREW HINDERAKER

We asked: In keeping with Lady Sovereign’s album Public Warning, we want to know what should the public be warned about you? COMMENT