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Beck Brings Dinner, Vintage Keyboard to Acoustic Show

Beck served up a tasty mix of performance art and dusty balladry during last night’s sold-out acoustic show at the Angel Orensanz Center. Backed by a five-piece band playing instruments ranging from a cowbell to a Casio, the veteran rocker showcased the folkier side of his catalog and unveiled several tracks from his latest album, The Information. Beck filled the converted synagogue with aching renditions of “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime,” “Think I’m In Love,” and “Lost Cause,” as well as down-tempo versions of his past floor-banging hits. The singer also riffed about the settings on his vintage keyboard (which he likened to “a barn full of robots”) and repeatedly took requests from a crowd that included his son Cosimo and brother-in-law Giovanni Ribisi. During “The Golden Age,” Beck’s band shifted over to a dinner table that was set up on the side of the stage. While clanging wine glasses, tapping spoons, and rattling shakers, Beck and his cohorts served up a performance that was both memorable and delicious. GINNY YANG

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