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Back in Black, Frank Black

“But all I had was one glass of wine,” Frank Black told the crowd last night when his guitar cut out and his cell phone started ringing during his Pixies’ opener “Holiday” to Black’s headlining set at New York’s Irving Plaza. In a failed attempt to later shut off the phone Black ended up spilling the contents of his jacket all over the stage which he then preceded to list off to the audience as his passport, wallet, and the now infamous cell phone. “It doesn’t get much more professional than this,” Black joked after the mishap and moved into an acoustic version of “Cactus.”

Black joined up with a full band to play new songs “My Terrible Ways” and “I’m Not Dead (I’m In Pittsburgh),” and treated fans with hits from 2005’s Honeycomb, like “I Burn Today” and “My Life In Storage.” But it was the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” that was the night’s sing-a-long showstopper, proving that you can take Frank Black out of the Pixies, but you can’t take the Pixies out of Frank Black. With seventeen albums to date, asked Black where he feels he’s at in his career. “I remain occupying the same cultish niche I always have,” he said. STORY BY KATIE HEATH. PHOTOS BY ERIC NOWELS

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