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Art Brut ‘Nag,’ Spinto Band Harmonize with Kazoos

Last night found Warsaw, the kitschy music hall in Greenpoint, Brooklyn that doubles as a Polish National Home, brimming with both its trademark Eastern European hospitality and maniacally loud enthusiasm from deviously cheeky Art Brut, quirky rockers Spinto Band, and upstarts Tokyo Police Club. Opening act Tokyo Police Club upped their post-hardcore sound with a set of roughly-hewn synth effects, atonal chanting, spacey guitar layers, and one alarmingly intense tambourine player. The Spinto Band delivered their pop-rock songs, which they complemented with kazoos, geeky charisma, and Beatles-esque head bopping. And headliners Art Brut were infectious from start to finish. Singer/poet laureate Eddie Argos baited the audience with improvised rhymes and pseudo-Rodin poses, and the rapid delivery of their new songs, including new tune “Nag Nag Nag Nag,” was joyfully silly but also technically excellent. STORY BY STACEY K. ANDERSON. PHOTOS BY ERIC NOWELS

We asked: Which of the bands playing tonight do you think is the most artistic? COMMENT