(+44) Release New Video, Fans Debate DeLonge’s Absence

As much as (+44) may attempt to distance themselves from blink-182, the clip for “When Your Heart Stops Beating,” the title track off their forthcoming debut (out Nov. 14), features some throwbacks to the videos of their former band — namely running and dancing (although, sadly, there’s no nurses or nakedness). The new video has encouraged the debate over whether (+44) need to get Tom DeLonge — former guitarist for blink-182 who unceremoniously left that band and now fronts Angels & Airwaves — back in the lineup, or if they’re better off without him.

Now Watch This:

Here’s what the fans are saying on YouTube:

“OMG [the video is] bad-ass! Keep on rocking on PLUS 44. Awsome song, awesome video — Tom is so stupid for leaving them.” — astheniaFSAS

“Get Tom back!” — frostmore

“Just that video and song is altogether 10 times better than AVA. Tom has made the biggest mistake of his life.” — parkerruleslines

“This song rules. It’s as good as most blink songs and better than all the AVA songs put together, and I think [it’s] good blink broke up because Tom was trying to change them and you could see with there last album it was getting softer and softer…+44 can be as good as blink judging by this. — poothrowingmonkey

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