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Zombies Invade SF

Just after midnight last night, San Francisco witnessed musical history. After iconic ’60s Brit-Invasion band the Zombies quietly called it quits in 1967 (shortly after the completion of their acclaimed album, Odessey and Oracle), everyone thought their classic psych-pop tunes would be permanently shelved, never to be performed live by the band again. But that’s what reunion tours are for, and with Jim Rodford (formerly of the Kinks) on bass and original members Colin Blunstone (vocals) and Rod Argent (keys), the Zombies played last night to an admiring crowd. Their lengthy set included standouts like “Care of Cell 44,” “This Will Be Our Year,” and “A Rose For Emily,” and these vets performed as if more than 30 years hadn’t gone by. STORY BY MONIQUE LAVIE / PHOTOS BY MONIQUE LAVIE, KIANA PIROUZ

We asked: What’s your favorite song by the Zombies and what’s your favorite part about the ’60s? COMMENT

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