Wax on Radio Get Realistic

Chicago indie rock four-piece Wax on Radio — Mikey Russel (vocals/guitar), Bob Buckstaff (guitar/Wurlitzer), Harrison Taylor (bass), Sammy Del Real (drums) — just dropped debut full-length Exposition (Sept. 12), and that album’s “Today I Became a Realist” isn’t all that similar to other songs on the album. Judging by it, you’d think the band would have a tendency toward masterfully classical guitar strums and plucks, subtle percussion, and delicate keys, all of which coalesce in this standout cut, yet the rest of the release is actually a bit more ambient prog. Russel’s urgently soaring vox is the most noticeable constant, and the track is a welcome comedown in an album otherwise rife with building powerhouse moments.

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Wax on Radio – “Today I Became a Realist” (Download MP3)

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