Vert Finds ‘Familiar Girl’

Performing under the name Vert, Adam Butler got his start churning out electronica for the IDM scene, but on Some Beans (out Oct. 10), the British-born, Cologne-based musician boasts a new sound, one featuring vocals, piano, and even pop melodies. Vert hasn’t forgone electronic zips and experimentalism, but, on the forthcoming full-length’s “The Familiar Girl,” his main focus seems to be storytelling and Tom Waitsian percussion. The song, Vert reveals, is “about a half-Spanish, half-Irish guy, Diego Moriarty — a nice enough guy, although he has restless, shifty eyes, [and] he probably works for some kind of secret government agency…doing stuff we’d never dream is interesting. He keeps meeting this girl…and a classic tragedy of the missed opportunities and non-events that make up an average life” enfolds.

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Vert – “The Familiar Girl” (Download MP3)

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