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‘Supernova’ Names Rock Star

After 11 weeks of swaggering performances, Lukas Rossi was named the winner of CBS’ Rock Star: Supernova, and the 29-year-old pseudo-gothy Canadian is joined in the band by the show’s judges, Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, and ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted. “Lukas, your look, your energy, your vocals, the way you move…everything has been really amazing for us,” said Lee said during the competition. “You’re our boy. Welcome.” Rossi — who has produced albums with former band Cleavage, with whom he won Best Canadian Unsigned Band award at Canada’s NXNE music festival in 2000 — beat Aussie hottie Toby Rand, Icelandic singer Magni Asgeirsson, and smoky crooner Dilana Robichaux for the title.

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Is Lukas worthy of the win? Here’s what the show’s fans are saying on Rock Star: Supernova‘s message boards:

“100-percent yes — no other choice even possible. Tommy said it…the look, the voice, the moves, the performances have been amazing for him. And the majority of fans agree. This band actually has a chance with Lukas fronting it. Already, ‘Be Yourself’ sounded like a relevant song, not a drinking song. And ‘It’s Only Love’ came off as a well-crafted song. That’s what a great performer can do to a song. Make it stand out.” — centrd

“[Lukas] is definitely not the right choice. He is more punk or alternative, not rock. He just doesn’t fit in. Just look how he butchered “Livin’ On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi. We all know that Toby should have won. He sings good, and he can get the audience rockin’. Plus he looks better with the band. Oh well this is one show I guess I’ll miss.” — Tinastrut

“They picked him because they were afraid to have a girl front them. I knew it would come down to Lukas and Dilana, but Dilana is so much more entertaining — she is way above Lukas. I also have to say that out of everyone I know who watched this show feel like they wasted their time and bought tickets to their concert and now don’t want to go. I myself was going to go then backed out…Also, I will not buy CD. BIG MISTAKE!” — Katzii-s

“Yes, yes, and ohhhh did I say ‘oh ya’?! This guy has such stage presence he and he CAN sing!! I have to say, Lukas, you remind me of a young Marlon Brando, WHO HAS ALWAYS TAKEN EVERYONES’ breath away. Rock on. — hponchina

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