Subtle Pair with Wolf Parade Singer, Haunt the Middleclass

Forthcoming album For Hero: For Fool (out Oct. 3) by Subtle — an Oakland sextet who soulfully rap robot-style over electro-beats, space-noises, and strings — is full of strangely beautiful songs, but the collective aren’t afraid of swapping their electro-acoustic hip-hop sound for eclectic indie rock. On “Middleclass Haunt,” a track that’s not featured on the new album, Subtle paired up with Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner, who provides the track’s haunting lead vocals. “Our musical chemistry came naturally,” Subtle’s Adam Drucker told about collaborating with Boeckner, who happens to be engaged to Drucker’s fiance’s sister. “[We] had a very productive and intuition-packed reinterpretation session, reconstituting two songs off of [the album] into one new one…’Middleclass Stomp’ plus ‘Middleclass Kill’ plus Dan Boeckner equals ‘Middleclass Haunt.'”

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Subtle featuring Dan Boeckner – “Middleclass Haunt”

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