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Sparklehorse Plus Danger Mouse Yields Dangerhorse

Mark Linkous (aka Sparklehorse) and Danger Mouse (one half of Gnarls Barkley) are combining their talents for a new project: Dangerhorse. The duo, who met when Danger Mouse worked on Sparklehorse’s Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of the Mountain, are planning to release a collaborative album under the new moniker. A spokesperson for Sparklehorse confirmed to that the collaboration is definitely a go.

“There were some songs that didn’t make it for the Sparklehorse album proper that we’re going to use for Dangerhorse,” Linkous told BBC Six Music. “Then we’re going to start on that record proper in a couple of months.” Linkous also shared some high praise for his new collaborator, saying Danger Mouse can “just grab bits and pieces of different songs and just flip them over backwards and put them into other songs. I like to call him the Jimi Hendrix of the laptop.”

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