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Shedding Blood at Zig Zag Live

When fists came crashing down in last night’s mosh pit at the Knitting Factory New York, fans nearby knew there was only one thing coming: Bloodshed. Headlining Japanese death metal band Boris are known to be heavy-hitting live, but few knew they could bust a lip with a single bang off their golden gong. Opening the Zig Zag Live metal show were Titan, who set the bar high when they mixed their classic metal set with psychedelic interludes. Next up, Pearls and Brass brought back a ’90s-era hard Seattle sound to the stage. Vocalist/guitarist Randy Huth told his influences lay outside the hard rock genre. “I’m just a punk rock kid who loves the blues,” he said. But it was Boris who hit hardest, bringing fans from Italy, Ireland, and even their native Japan to the downtown venue, and they all collided in what can only be described as a pit of smoke and fury. KATIE HEATH

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