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Scanners Experience ‘Lowlife’

London rock quartet Scanners — Mat Mole (guitar/vocals/synths), Sarah Daly (vocals/bass/violin), Amina Bates (keyboard). and Tom Hutt (drums) — craft dark pop teeming with dark themes on Violence Is Golden. That album’s lead single, “Lowlife,” was written about a friend before he died, and it turned out to be a “premonition” of a life cut short, Daly told “It’s about people trying to experience shit things, the romantic side of life that’s not as exciting as it appears.” And its video, which is cast in bleached-out shades and utilizes Tim Burton-style stop-motion animation, follows Daly on a dismal pursuit. “I’m in an alternative place to the rest of the band,” Daly revealed. “I watch them in a dream sequence but they’re still not in my reach when I try to get to them. Every time I come near them, they disappear.”

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