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Saosin Hear ‘Voices’

Watch the quintet's video for "Voices" -- it follows the band as they unload their trailer, perform live, and ride scooters.

These Orange County, CA emo-rockers have just released the video for “Voices” off their forthcoming self-titled full-length (out Sept. 26), and on it, they’re all about business — almost. The clip — soundtracked by the fist-pumping song’s anthemically muddled guitars that are ballasted by both its razor-sharp percussion and a lulling breakdown — cuts from the quintet unloading their trailer to playing for some of their most devoted. And though the video primarily concentrates on close-ups of Saosin’s members as they perform, it also depicts the band hanging out, riding scooters and grinning away the worries they sing of on the track with their “desperate voices.”

Now Watch This: Saosin – “Voices”

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