The Rapture Shake Boston

Last night’s Rapture gig was called a “secret show,” but the underground dance-quake felt more like the Second Coming. On the eve of the release of Pieces of the People We Love, their follow-up to 2003’s Echos, the New York City post-punk foursome stormed the stage at Cambridge’s Middle East Downstairs and blasted through a meaty list of yesteryear faves, mixed with a smattering of new, boogie-inducing numbers. With delightfully high doses of vocal wails and energetic dancing from co-frontman Luke Jenner, and more (and more) cowbell from multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Andruzzi, even the wallflowers in the crowd caught the Rapture’s case of dance fever by the time the new album’s disco title track, and huge hit “House of Jealous Lovers,” rocked the basement venue. At the set’s end, Jenner teased, “That’s it for now,” causing high hopes for an encore. The band didn’t return, but fans left happy anyway — many with the new disc in-hand — hoping for a Third Coming. STORY BY RACHEL BAKER. PHOTOS BY CRISTINA HILBERT

We asked: Since the Rapture must be your favorite new school dance band, who’s your favorite old school, disco band? COMMENT


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