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Radiohead, Rasta Style

New York-based reggae collective Easy Star All Stars made their full length live debut of Radiodread — a song-for-song reggae replica of Radiohead’s OK Computer — at Athens, GA’s Georgia Theatre last night. Each song from the original album was played in succession and was intertwined with highlights from the All Stars’ previous project, Dub Side of the Moon, which pays homage to Pink Floyd. The All Stars gave a horn arrangement to “Paranoid Android” and an optimistic energy to “No Surprises,” while “Electioneering” featured lush vocal harmonies resounding in stark contrast to the sound of Yorke’s frenzied desperation. Despite an initial flurry of doubt in the crowd, the Easy Star All Stars produced a stellar reinterpretation of OK Computer, reflecting the album’s same extent of urgency, darkness, and triumph. SAMANTHA PROMISLOFF

We asked: Which one of your favorite bands or albums would you like to hear redone in a different style? COMMENT