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Panic Attack

On a dreadfully rainy afternoon in October 2005, an endless queue of smallish bodies lined the street outside NYC’s Knitting Factory, their hoodies soaked through. It wasn’t even 6 P.M., and a school day to boot, but Panic! At the Disco’s budding legion of fans would not be deterred from what would certainly be one of the band’s last “small” shows, possibly forever. Back then, we didn’t know the only difference between martyrdom and suicide, nor did we know to shout “wedding” whenever a wee Las Vegan shouted, “Shotgun.” But those 350 kids on the floor were way ahead of us, and they soon grew tenfold in number. That week, as the band’s debut album arrived in stores, they appeared as a Artist of the Day (read more).

Since then, in just under a year’s time, Panic! has sold over one million albums, toured the world, and made MTV’s Video of the Year. This fall they’ll tour the States again, this time headlining arenas with Bloc Party supporting (read more). Now they grace the cover of Spin, with writer Nick Catucci and photographer Autumn de Wilde chronicling the band’s summer tour and finding out how these guys became rock’s hottest new band. will be offering exclusive photos by Autumn de Wilde for the next four weeks, with additional images added every week. Enjoy this first batch of Autumn’s gorgeous, all-access shots of Panic! on the road.

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