Original Supernova Win Suit

The Orange County, CA band, Supernova, have won their fight against CBS show Rock Star: Supernova, as San Diego Judge John Houston ruled Tuesday (Sept. 12) that the company will have to rename the band formed from their reality show, which features Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee, Voivod’s Jason Newsted, and former Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Gilby Clarke. The preliminary injunction keeps the producers of the CBS show, which has its finale tonight, from performing, recording, and selling merch as “Supernova,” pending a trial or until otherwise ordered by the court. The order will become effective when the original band posts a bond of an as-yet-undetermined amount.

In August, Supernova filed for a preliminary injunction against CBS, Mark Burnett Productions, Lee, Newsted, and Clarke seeking to stop the band formed on the show from performing or recording as “Supernova” unless they change or add words to the name. The band alleged that having two bands with the same name in a similar market could be detrimental to the future of their career. Houston supported that claim in his ruling.

The band from the CBS show will kick off a U.S. tour Dec. 31 with the Panic Channel opening on all dates.

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