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Oasis Reveal ‘Best of’ Track List

"Wonderwall," "Lyla," and "Champagne Supernova" are among the 18 tracks on the forthcoming Stop the Clocks.

The first ever Oasis retrospective album will hit stores Nov. 21, and after more than a month of speculation, the band have finally released the track listing for the 18-song project. Among the tracks the band hand-picked for Stop the Clocks are “Wonderwall,” “Lyla,” “Champagne Supernova,” and “Don’t Look Back in Anger.”

Track listing for Stop the Clocks:

1. “Rock n Roll Star”
2. “Some Might Say”
3. “Talk Tonight”
4. “Lyla”
5. “The Importance of Being Idle”
6. “Wonderwall”
7. “Slide Away”
8. “Cigarettes & Alcohol”
9. “The Masterplan”
10. “Live Forever”
11. “Acquiesce”
12. “Supersonic”
13. “Half The World Away”
14. “Go Let It Out”
15. “Songbird”
16. “Morning Glory”
17. “Champagne Supernova”
18. “Don’t Look Back In Anger”

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Oasis Hand-Pick Tracks for Compilation

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