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Norm MacDonald on ‘Star Search’

From the painfully funny “World’s First Two Gay Guys” (feat. Jon Lovitz and Will Ferrell) to the spoofy rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” Norm MacDonald’s comedy album, Ridiculous, is chock-full of hilarity. On the decidedly-unhidden sketch, “Hidden Track,” the SNL-alum performs an older stand-up bit. In it, he channels Ed McMahon to poke fun at Star Search, the talent show competition where, as MacDonald puts it, “bands always have bad names,” making for “weird intros for Ed like, ‘this next band have been kicking around the Boca Roton area for the past 16 years. Now, America, say hello to, ‘Hot Property!'” With a boastful name like that, it’s totally tragic if the band loses, and, he adds, it’s only natural for “Chunk of Shit” to receive four stars.

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