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Norfolk & Western ‘Rise’ with New Track, Forthcoming Album

There are Portland-based artsy indie rock collectives crafting literate, eclectic ditties other than the Decemberists. Norfolk & Western, initially the solo project for singer/songwriter Adam Selzer, now feature a cast of musicians crafting gorgeous and complex instrumental arrangements with banjo, saw, accordion, trumpet, piano, and percussion (from none other than the Decemberists’ former drummer, Rachel Blumberg), among other assorted noisemakers. The Unsung Colony (out Oct. 24) is the band’s second release this year, and “The New Rise of Labor” is one of the full-length’s jauntiest numbers. “This song is our hybrid of an old Dinosaur Jr. wall-of-guitar intro, leading into a faux-Beatles verse progressions, and ending with a ’50s doo-wop scheme,” Selzer told “The song is a bit schizophrenic, juxtaposing distorted guitars with ukuleles and banjos.”

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Norfolk & Western – “The New Rise of Labor” (Download MP3)

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