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New Track from the Whigs

This Athens, GA trio — frontman Parker Gispert, bassist Hank Sullivant, and drummer Julian Dorio — are recent signees to ATO, and they share the fun and soulful ethos of labelmates My Morning Jacket, but with less fuzzy ambience. Their full-length debut, Give ‘Em All A Big Fat Lip (out Sept. 19), is only softly fuzzy around the edges of each guitar riff, and the album boasts delightfully catchy, garage-meets-backwoods tunes. When Gispert declares “If you want to go, then I’ll take you,” on “Violet Furs,” we can’t help but hope he’ll make good on his offer, no matter where the destination.

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The Whigs – “Violet Furs” (Download MP3)

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