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¡Forward Russia!

Who? Frontman Tom Woodhead and bassist Rob Canning teamed up with drummer Katie Nicholls and guitarist Samuel “Whiskas” Nicholls (who are siblings) in 2004. Formerly known as Black Helicopters, the Leeds quartet started their own label, Dance to the Radio, and began touring heavily in their native U.K. The band’s debut release is set to hit stateside shores via Mute.

What’s the Deal? Give Me a Wall is not an album for wallflowers, as the numbered tracks on the disc are made for fans of explosive dance-punk. Like VHS or Beta and the Rapture, the album contains theatrical vocals, heavy synths, and a party-ready mindset. “Thirteen,” the first single off the LP, is a spastic jam with lyrics that would feel right at home on the Trainspotting soundtrack. “We all can lean on figures and crutches / The politburos will expect their free lunches,” Woodhead yelps. “And all the prison guards rely on their hunches / But we’re assured of the existence of a better way.” Choose life? ¡Forward Russia! choose dance!

Fun Fact: ¡Forward Russia! guitarist Whiskas got his nickname from the Beatrix Potter story “Tale of Samuel Whiskers,” and not from his scruffy red beard. GINNY YANG

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¡Forward Russia! – “Nine” (Download MP3)

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