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Guerilla Artist Pranks Disneyland

Banksy, the British artist who doctored hundreds of copies of Paris Hilton’s album art and track list (read more), struck again, and this time he successfully infiltrated the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. The graffiti artist allegedly entered the theme park at night and installed the piece, which depicts a Guantanmo Bay detainee. At the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride, park visitors were greeted by a life-sized doll clad in an orange jumpsuit with its hands and feet manacled. The prank was intended to call attention to the plight of terror suspects at the controversial Cuban detention center, a spokeswoman for Banksy said, according to BBC News. The installation reportedly remained in tact for 90 minutes before it was removed.

Here’s what the people are saying about Banksy’s latest stunt:

“Banksy is the type of radical we need. Expect to see some catchy Banksy slogans on t-shirts at digital gravel real soon.” — D. Billz,

“Why doesn’t he get a real job?” — ub40,

“Yawn. I am growing very tired of constantly hearing about ‘Banksy’ and his unbelievably outdated ‘subversive art’ cliches. The bottom line is that his ‘social commentary’ is conveniently similar to public opinion and does not make any real statement at all. Banksy is simply not saying anything new. He is not even reminding us of something we need to focus our attention on. He is simply regurgitating established public opinion in a transparent attempt to get himself noticed. Banksy, you want to make a difference? Why don’t you stop pointing the finger everywhere else and look at how laughably cliched you are. — Chris,

“He does have a pop at obvious targets but he does it in a way that is, for me, quite clever and I love the way he pulls off daring stunts.” — James,

The Punking of Paris

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