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Green Day, U2 Rock Superdome

Last Monday (Sept. 25), the New Orleans Saints played the Atlanta Falcons in the Louisiana Superdome for their first game there since Hurricane Katrina hit. The emotional night was kicked off by a collaborative performance by U2 and Green Day that included a medley of songs. The mega-bands performed Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” and capped the performance with U2’s “Beautiful Day.” The pre-show also marked the debut of “The Saints Are Coming,” which was originally recorded by Scottish punk band the Skids in 1978. That performance is now available for download on, with proceeds benefiting Music Rising, the Edge’s foundation to help musicians affected by Katrina. The game averaged nearly 15 million viewers, making it the second most-watched cable television broadcast ever, and now, many in the online community are weighing in on the historic performance.

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Here’s what the people are saying on YouTube:

“I loved this video. Whether your a U2 fan or Green Day fan you watched your regular favorite musicians side by side another spectacular one you haven’t paid much attention to in the past…It was just so spectacular. I cannot wait till the single is released. I certainly will be BUYING it. If people download it it’s stupid ’cause you aren’t doing what the song is about. Helping New Orleans.” — GreenDayRocks86

“Mmmm, sorry but U2 was better when they were not playing with punk bands. Sorry. I know however this was for a good cause. I dislike new bands so much I can’t stand seeing U2 playing along with one of them.” — tony5682

“I thought these kind of events were for country bands and pop divas? I cut Green Day slack because they don’t take this stuff too seriously, but U2? I know there isn’t a camera Bono won’t leap to get in front of, but Larry…why did you agree to this? You were always the cool one. I guess the only credible act left from the ’80s IS Morrissey.” — ZumSchneider

“Hats off to U2 & Green Day for their time and efforts to help the Katrina ravaged city of New Orleans rebound. After all, their performance was for a very worthy cause and not to please their critics. Aside from being great musicians, they are also great humanitarians.” — Chapa56Classic

U2, Green Day Play New Orleans

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