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+/- Goes Back to ‘Blueprints’

Score Brooklyn-based electro-pop trio +/- (Plus/Minus)’s “Steal the Blueprints” from forthcoming album Let’s Build a Fire. The semi-acoustic, “spastic-minimalist-pop” song, as the band’s James Baluyut described it to, is more rocking than Postal Service, but still sounds like an electro-fueled bedroom rumination. And it is — sort of. “It may not sound like it, but the song was made in a tiny New York apartment,” Baluyut revealed. As for its theme, the song addresses Baluyut’s disappointment over the state of music: “[P]eople reuse the past a bit too often [and] are so willing to steal the blueprints of previous times,” he said. But he’s “nostalgic for the old days,” and says that his band is “soapbox-y in the way [they] try to say, ‘Hey, there was a time you’d be laughed at for copping everyone else’s style.'”

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+/- – “Steal the Blueprints” (Download MP3)

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