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Former Good Charlotte Drummer Sounds Off Via MySpace

Good Charlotte’s ex-drummer, Chris Wilson, who left the band last year and currently plays with the Summer Obsession, has taken to MySpace to air his grievances against the Madden brothers. In a post on his MySpace page dated Sept. 26, Wilson wrote: “It has been roughly a year and a half since my departure from GC, and all I can say is, ‘What the f—?’ How many times can I possibly get stabbed in the back? I know I f—ed up, and I’m sincerely sorry for what I put you through. But why are you guys acting as if everything is OK? Why don’t you start telling the kids about how I never made one cent off of any merch, CDs, DVDs, royalties (of songs I played on), publishing (songs I played on), or TV performances (in which I signed contracts stating exactly how much I was supposed to receive). Where did it go? Why do you still blow me off and never return phone calls?” Wilson went on to say that he has been unsuccessfully trying to get his gear back from the band, and that “the reason why I lost my mind was because I joined a band with two of the most egotistical, self-centered, back-stabbing, corrupted individuals who are filled with broken promises…You have broke one too many promises, and now it’s time to call you out,” he wrote. “I won’t be ignored…Your fans will know!”

Thursday (Sept. 28) morning, Wilson posted another entry, this time with what he says is a response from Joel Madden that reads: “You forget dude, nobody owes you shit, you’re not even skilled enough at your craft to play on your own band’s record…You’re no longer owed anything man, you fucking took, took, took and you’re ungrateful. It’s right for you to be mad dude, but you’re mad at the wrong people…Be mad at the people who did drugs with you, people who encouraged you to act like a loser…Get into a good recovery program, take some time off and get some good sobriety and you’ll be way better than this bitter dude you’re becoming…Fighting about power and money…that’s not punk rock or [what] life is about at all. You got caught up dude.”

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