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Faces of the Fest, Part Two

On the first day of this three-day mega-fest, we asked Bumbershooters what they thought the word bumbershoot meant (read more). On day two, we still doled out the tough questions as we traipsed the festival grounds meeting showgoers from all over the country, and even all around the world. Our new friends were eager to speak with us, as the great weather, great bands, and great food (fruit on a stick called shishkaberry’s!) ensured a fantastic time for those who descended upon the Seattle Center, situated just under and around the city’s most famous landmark, the Space Needle. We couldn’t help but wonder what phrase would encapsulate this awesome event, so we asked festivalgoers to suggest a slogan for it. You won’t believe some of their answers, especially the one from our new, feathered friend. REPORTING AND PHOTOS BY ZOFIA GIL, JOSH SABROWSKY, JULIA SALAMONIK, ELI SCHWIMMER, CHARLOTTE SMITH, TIFFANY WAN

We Asked: If there were a slogan for this festival, what would it be? COMMENT