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Envy on the Coast

Who? Previously known as Writ in Water, this Long Island emo quintet came together in 2004 and feature the talents of singer/guitarist Ryan Hunter, singer/guitarist Brian Byrne, bassist Jeremy Velardi, drummer Dan Gluszak, and keyboardist Sal Bossio.

What’s the Deal? Although envy is the only deadly sin featured in their name, the NY rockers tap into a host of destructive emotions on their debut self-titled EP. The group alternate between surging anthems and sensitive piano ballads, with a series of devastating lyrics connecting the tracks. “I will judge a book by the cover / So break my binding and tear my paper / Just leave a page to sign your name,” Hunter declares in album opener “Paperback.” “Suckerpunch” is similarly defiant, with its repeated threats of “I want black and blues.” But like most bands, lust seems to be the driving force of their songs; “The shorter the skirt, the greater the fame” (“Green Eyes Don’t Lie”).

Fun Fact: Producer Bryan Russell, who previously worked with Coldplay, Paul Simon, and Straylight Run, helped the band record their CD last year without asking for a fee. GINNY YANG

Now Hear This: Envy on the Coast – “Temper Temper” (Download MP3)

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