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Eagles of Death Metal Get Sweaty

On the first night of the Eagles of Death Metal’s latest tour, lead singer Jesse Hughes wasn’t sure if anyone had even heard of his band in Buffalo, so he was understandably surprised at how many rabid fans came out to their show at the Showplace Theatre. “I swear to God, we thought no one in Buffalo was gonna give a shit about the Eagles of Death Metal,” he said. But the Eagles were greeted with more than just people giving a shit — the raucous crowd sang nearly all Hughes’ songs right back at him, and the women in the theatre swooned over his every sweaty shimmy. Introducing his tribute to the California mindset, “California On My Mind,” the mustachioed frontman shrieked, “Goddammit this isn’t Hollywood, California, this is Buffalo, NEW YORK!” The band played almost every song the audience called for, including “I Only Want You,” “Shit Goddamn,” and “Cherry Cola,” in a set that left Hughes stripping off his shirt and throwing it to all the lovely ladies. EVAN PARKER PIERCE

We asked: Eagles of Death Metal started as a side project of Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme (who didn’t play the Buffalo show). What’s your favorite side-project band? COMMENT