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Drum-Off: Bart vs. Stripes

In a rock-band version of Drumline, Bart Simpson out-drummed the White Stripes in last Sunday’s (Sept. 17) episode of The Simpsons. The scene mimics Jack and Meg’s video for “The Hardest Button to Button” as helmed by Michel Gondry, with drum kits rapidly multiplying through the city’s streets to the song’s beat. When Bart and Meg eventually collide on a street corner, Meg declares a drumming war. The band have a cow and chase Bart through Springfield, soundtracked by their hit single. Jack and Meg are met by a dismal, smelly fate (d’oh!), while Bart drums off into the distance.

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Here’s what the people are saying:

“The song is cool. The video is awesome. And, this bit is hilarious! A++” — rahree,

“The episode of The Simpsons with the White Stripes was a disappointment. There was a big hype about the White Stripes making their Simpsons appearance, and they were only in the episode for about 30 seconds. ‘The Hardest Button to Button’ gag was also too much. It was like they took the (now annoying) joke from Family Guy with a musical sequence that seems to drag on longer than it should have. Poor White Stripes. — Sarah,

“Jack White definitely isn’t as scary looking in yellow, but sadly Meg isn’t nearly as hot :(” — Jolene,

“One of the few times I’ve really laughed out loud at The Simpsons in a couple of seasons.” — H3avyC,

Jack and Meg, Meet Bart and Lisa

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