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Damien Jurado Demos

Exclusive! Download two demos Damien Jurado made for his forthcoming album.

Damien Jurado’s cover of Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” was so popular on, we had to search for more goodies from the thoughtful singer/songwriter. We’ve scored an early version of the title track off Jurado’s forthcoming full-length, And Now That I’m In Your Shadow (out Oct. 10), as well as “Gillian Was A Horse,” a demo song that never made it onto the new album. In these raw cuts, Jurado’s voice sounds even more vulnerable, especially on the latter track, where he sings about a man wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Now Hear This:
Damien Jurado – “Gillian Was A Horse” DOWNLOAD MP3
Damien Jurado – “And Now That I’m In Your Shadow” DOWNLOAD MP3

Damien Jurado Covers Nick Drake

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