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Christopher Walken on Being Prez: ‘What the Heck!’

Ever since Christopher Walken played a senator in Wedding Crashers, the blogosphere has been calling on the actor to run for the U.S.’s top office. Walken appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien to promote Man of the Year, his new flick with Robin Williams about a talk show host who runs for president, and on it, he discussed a possible bid for the office. “If [the people] want me to be president, I’ll do it,” Walken told O’Brien casually, referring to the numerous websites endorsing his presidency. “What the heck!” he added. Luckily, Walken’s platform is slightly more convincing: “No more zoos…I’ll let all the animals free.”

Now Watch This:

Even if only for the novelty of it, YouTubers are backing Walken. Here’s what they’re saying:

“I got a fever and the only thing that can cure it is more cowbell! Oh, and no more zoos.” — bdp99

“I was expecting Walken to say: ‘If any idiot can do it, I can do it.’ At any rate, I think he would quite effective at restoring the U.S. image around the world.” — purplepuff

“I’d vote for him JUST to watch his speeches. Oh my gosh, could you imagine a Walken state of the union?” — tastethecourage

“Walken in ’08…He can’t do any worse then Bush.” — DrunkinIrishman

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