‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ Sparks Teenage Dance Craze via YouTube

Two Harlem teenagers have sparked a new dance craze thanks to the song they recorded entitled “Chicken Noodle Soup.” Nineteen-year-old Troy “DJ Webstar” Ryan and 16-year-old Bianca “Young B” Dupree wrote the song for Webstar’s DJing gigs, and it promptly became a hit at some NYC teen venues. In it, sirens flank the track’s eponymous chorus, to which teens have been seen on YouTube dancing a hip-hop version of the chicken dance. With arms and elbows flapping, feet spread wider than knees, and “Cotton-Eyed Joe”-meets-running-man moves, the dance is receiving mixed reviews in online communities, with some critics even pitting the East Coast against the South for hip-hop’s finest steps.

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Here’s what the people are saying on YouTube:

“I luv dat dance. I do it all da tyme. It’s all da way in Mississippi and New Orleans. Ya heard me?” —lillies1234

“This is by far the worst f—in’ dance EVER created. Riverdance looks better than that shit. It’s just some shit New York created b/c the South was makin all the dance moves and people got sick of the wack ass Harlem Shake.” — krayzieazzk

“[People are] hatin’ ’cause Brooklyn ‘n Harlem come out with the most dances we to hot right now…That chicken noodle soup shyt is hard so don’t sleep on Harlem ’cause they comin’ hard. Don’t get tight ’cause you…cant do the dance.” — BrooklynBoy20

“This dance is dumb as hell. Just because the South have their dances the North came up with this dumb shit!” — deebabi504

“I like that dance and I’m from tha South! Damn ya’ll need to love each other for real.” — HotGirlNay985

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