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The Changes

Who? Chicago’s the Changes — vocalist/guitarist Darren Spitzer, bassist Rob Kallick, guitarist David Rothblatt, and drummer Jonny Basofin — formed in 2002 and have two EP’s under their belt (2003’s The Changes and 2005’s First of May). Now local press is all abuzz over Today Is Tonight, the band’s self-produced full-length, which combines everything from subtle neo-psych touches, soft rock, bedroom electronica, ’80s pop, and jazzy stomps into a sublime dreamscape.

What’s the Deal? With Today Is Tonight, the Changes have compiled their lushly beautiful songs into a loose concept album. The full-length’s morning-to-night arc begins with jaunty opener “When I Wake,” which has all the makings of a song by the Smiths minus the biting sarcasm. “Water of the Gods” and “Such a Scene” launch the album into danceable velocities before “Her, You and I” winds it down on a jazzy riff. The whole sprawling affair is rounded out by “When I Sleep,” an electro-fueled slow-burner that mixes Postal Service drumbeats with New Order synthesizers to a calming perfection.

Fun Facts: The Changes were the only unsigned band invited to play at 2005’s Lollapalooza. Since then, they’ve toured with such golden indie acts as Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Stephen Malkmus, and the Walkmen, and now the group are concerned about running out of luck. “This summer David got mono and Jonny broke his foot,” Rob Kallick told “Darren and I are looking at each other wondering who is next.” TIFFANY WAN

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