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Borat Likes MySpace!

Fans of Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming flick, Borat, will get a chance to see the film early thanks to MySpace. While the movie won’t be in wide release until Nov. 3, MySpace members can see the movie next Wednesday (Sept. 20) at private previews in 20 U.S. cities (including Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles), as well as Canada, Germany, Ireland, the U.K., and Australia. To gain access, MySpace members must add “Black Carpet” to their friends, and bring a print-out of their profile to the screening. The initiative is part of MySpace’s new screening series, Black Carpet, which kicked off Wednesday (Sept. 13) with screenings of Jackass: Number Two in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia. The screenings of Borat — the film centering on Cohen’s Kazakh reporter character — will mark the international launch of Black Carpet.

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