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The Big Sleep

Who? Brooklyn’s the Big Sleep — Danny Barria (guitar), Sonya Balchandani (bass), and Gabe Rhodes (drums) — have pressed their already notorious New York City stoned psych-out debut, Son of the Tiger, to wax and are set to sick it on the public Sept. 19.

What’s the Deal? The Big Sleep’s seducing-yet-disorienting bedroom-metal boasts berserker guitar lines that bug-eye and rubberband through sumo-dense walls of winter-coat feedback and anxiety drums. On standouts “Murder” and “Shima,” the hypnotic leads are flanked by doorbell keyboards and Balchandani’s ghostly, answering-machine vocals. This is religious music.

Fun Facts: Drummer Gabe Rhodes once worked on a cookbook for Dom DeLuise (“Hollywood Squares,” Fievel Goes West) and was his personal writing companion. DANIEL ARNOLD

Now Hear This: The Big Sleep – “Murder” (Download MP3)

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