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Video Game Video from Xiu Xiu

Based on the epic journeys of the Mario Bros. and Zelda,California eclectic indie rockers Xiu Xiu have enlisted a world classvideo game designer to craft the clip for “Boy Soprano” off theirforthcoming album, The Air Force (out Sept. 12). “We thoughtit’d be interesting for [the designer] to do something with the mostbasic software,” Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart told, referring tothe music video’s nascent-looking graphics.

But the lyrics tothe song are much more complex than the clip’s aesthetic. “BoySoprano,” a hauntingly entrancing track, is about “three young menbetween 18 and 22 who I have really conflicted — but good –relationships with,” the 34-year-old Stewart admits. “I still have apaternalistic relationship with them but have no control over them, andI find them all incredibly attractive but they have really fucked uplives. It’s mostly a song about being concerned for these people whileadmiring them a lot.”

Though Stewart didn’t reveal if he andhis three young acquaintances pass the time playing video games, he didreveal they play a significant role in the life of Caralee McElroy,one-third of the Xiu Xiu trio and Stewart’s younger cousin. The clipwasn’t inspired by any particular video game, so from underwater, tospace, to land, it traverses every tangible location, which wasunintentional, according to Stewart. “We’ll have to invent some otherdimension,” he said, referring to what’s in store for Xiu Xiu’s nextvideo. “Some post-apocalyptic mayhem, which won’t be far from realitysoon enough.” With that philosophy, it’s no wonder the final wordsstretched across the clip are “game over.”

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