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Thom Yorke Removes Tony Blair Tirade

Thom Yorke’s post on Radiohead’s website, calling for the resignation of British Prime Minister Tony Blair (read more), has been removed from the site with no explanation and fans are wondering why. In the post, published earlier this week, Yorke said “I’ve had enough of this. Our government sitting on the fence with the U.S. while World War 3 appears to be breaking out in Lebanon and Northern Israel. We must throw Tony Blair out of office NOW. He does not represent the views of the British people.” Some fans are calling the post’s removal “creepy,” while others suggest he should “watch his back.”

Here’s what some fans said on the Radiohead fan site,

“That is kind of creepy… I wonder why could there be some pressure from above?” — Morning Belle

“I hope Thom doesnt get too political again… It might cause he to be crushed from above…. I hope Thom is watching his back.” — sam_I

“Maybe he just re-read it & realised how stupid & emotional it all sounded & deleted it out of embarrassment.” — the bangers & the mash

“I definitely think he was forced to ‘erase’ his post. I don’t know who pressured him, though…. I actually think the fact that it was deleted will cause more controversy and bring more attention to his comments. But I am also concerned about Thom. I really think he should consider moving to a different country.” — wierd fishee

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