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As Tall as Lions Cut Up NYC’s Knitting Factory

With babes, booze, and bloodshed, it can only mean one thing: Rock’n’roll. Last night’s four-band lineup, with headliners As Tall As Lions kicking off their fall tour, turned New York City’s Knitting Factory into one hell of a launch pad. Nakatomi Plaza, a prog-rock band reminiscent of a younger, harder Coheed and Cambria, opened. Next up was Brazil, whose lead singer Jonathon Newby’s voice soared over killer keyboards. The sextet prog-punk band YouInSeries followed with a sixth member in tow: Singer Kyle Lobeck’s haircut that he couldn’t keep his hands off of. Headliners As Tall As Lions were kings of the night until drummer Cliff Sarcona reopened a puncture wound on his hand (from a previous run-in with a kitchen knife) and had to superglue it closed and wrap it in electrical tape to finish the set. Caring ATAL guitarist Sean Fitzgerald remarked afterwards, “It was great show; I only wish [Sarcona] could have enjoyed it as much as we did.” KATIE HEATH

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