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Who? After ditching their first incarnation as art rock outfit El Guapo — and adding former Orthrelm drummer Joshua Blair — Justin Destroyer, Pete Cafarella, and Rafael Cohen left Dischord records, regrouped to form Supersystem, unleashed their inner dance punks, and signed to Touch and Go. They dropped four albums as El Guapo, and now, the Washington D.C.-bred band release their sophomore album, A Million Microphones, under the new moniker.

What’s the Deal? Supersystem didn’t just ditch their old name, they switched up their sound, leaving behind the old art rock sound for a more club-friendly, dance punk vibe. A Million Microphones‘ fiery electronica-infused single, “White Light White Light,” is tailor-made for bouncing across a dancefloor with the sweaty masses.

Fun Fact: The clip for Supersystem’s “White Light White Light” features some not-so-subtle nods to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” as it has loads of lasers and creative uses for neon, including illuminating a drunk bar-crawler’s vomit. ALYSSA RASHBAUM

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