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Stolen: Dinosaur Jr.’s Gear

Dinosaur Jr. were victims of a robbery Aug. 26 when their trailer was broken into while parked outside their Long Island City, NY hotel. Following a show at Warsaw in Brooklyn, the band checked into their hotel and woke up the following morning to find much of their gear stolen, including several Fender guitars, a bass, cymbals, and a custom pedal board. The band sent an email to members of the media listing the stolen gear and asking for help tracking it down, and they appealed to fans for help via their website. “Please keep your eyes out for any of this missing gear in music shops, pawn shops or anywhere for that matter,” the band wrote. “If you think you have spotted any of the stolen stuff, or would like more specific details about the stolen items, please email [email protected] [or call 303-998-0001].

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